Stewardship Commitment Form

Because of God's great love and grace, I/we wish to share God's love throughout the year with my/our ongoing financial support of mission and ministries of Mount Olive. To help fulfill our ministry opportunities in the coming year, I/we commit to:

Pray regularly for Mount Olive
Start giving regularly
Increase giving
Start tithing
Continue tithing


Every Two Weeks
Twice a Month

If you are not currently a tither, you are encouraged to practice this Biblical principle for the next three months. First decide to commit the FIRST 10% of your weekly income. Then for 90 DAYS, bring that portion of your income to the Lord's house. After the 90 day period, if it has created a financial crisis, or you were not blessed by God, your money will be returned.

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Note: Please remember that you may change your commitment at any time by notifying the office.

To set-up repetitive automatic giving through the Simply Giving program, fill out this form and send it via fax or postal mail to our front office.