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Purchase Scrip, Shop Scrip Merchants, Help Fund Ministry.

"Scrip" is simply another name for "Gift Certificates." If you have ever used a gift certificate, then you've used Scrip. Scrip Advantage works with over 300 of the largest and most respected retailers and service providers (Macy's, JCPenney's, Home Depot, Shell, Starbucks, Gap, etc.) in the country. Scrip is used just like cash. You just present them for payment at the register without any restrictions. You can purchase Scrip through Mount Olive from these merchants -- without spending a penny more than you would normally.

How does Scrip Fund Ministry?

Scrip makes gift certificates available to participating nonprofit organizations at a discounted rate. Mount Olive then sells the Scrip at face value to its families and members. We receive a percentage of the face value (ranging from 2%-17% depending on the merchant) that goes directly toward funding children and youth ministries at Mount Olive! We can earn thousands of dollars a year without having our families and members spend more than they would normally. We encourage you to support Mount Olive by registering your credit card and grocery cards with eScrip and purchasing Scrip cards for merchants you shop. By using Scrip instead of cash, you don't have to change where you shop, what you buy, or even how much you spend, but by planning ahead and buying Scrip cards you are helping us do ministry! Scrip also makes great gifts for friends and family!

How do I Purchase Scrip?

Scrip is available for purchase in the Sanctuary Lobby following the Sunday morning worship services. You may place your order in advance by completing our online Order Form. Your fulfilled order will be ready for pick-up on Sunday Morning. We do keep an inventory of Scrip on hand; however, in some instances we may need to place a special order to complete your request. You will be notified if this is the case.

How do I Register with eScrip?

A number of Scrip merchants participate in the eScrip program. Simply register your Credit Card at with the group ID 151761912 and every purchase you make from eScrip merchants will automatically contribute a percentage of your purchase to Mount Olive for Children and Youth ministries. Family and friends who live outside our area can participate as well.